Monday, April 21, 2014


To the new blog.

I mean, there's no unicorn in the background, but you can do a lot more with this site than with Tumblr, including:
  • Easily follow! Please do.
  • Easily search the blog through the handy little search box on the right
  • Not-so-easily search our blog through the labels of posts in the bottom middle column
  • Browse through our archived posts in an organized fashion
  • Enlarge and view any picture simply by clicking on the image
  • Scroll through all the pictures of the post when you click on any image in the post
  • Conveniently check out our blog on your mobile device (Mom, this is not flip phone-enabled)
  • Make comments on blog posts (and I encourage you to do so!)
  • And my favorite: get notified of new blog posts through email by simply submitting your email address in the box on the right (at least I think that's what happens)
This is really an exciting day, folks. (This is where Jordan will tell me I need to return to work ASAP.)

Per my last blog post on our Tumblr site, I am struggling with my neurosis to not re-post everything we have over there, and I am trying very hard to accept having our blog on two separate websites instead of one. I feel like this is almost as hard as it was to accept having The OC on DVD for only seasons three and four and not having the complete set (but what if Sydney wants to know how Ryan and Marissa met?!?).
I love that Seth Cohen married Blair Waldorf, don't you?
I'm trying to look at the situation (having two blog sites, not my embarrassing tween DVD collection) like our Tumblr blog is like What to Expect When You're Expecting and this blog is like What to Expect: The First Year -- except that I have zero expectancies and no good advice since we're pretty much just shooting from the hip.

So, welcome! I vow to do a much better job at blogging now that I have a fancy-schmancy new setup. I hope you all continue to enjoy. :)


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