Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bumbo Chair!!

Some women dream about holding their baby for the first time. Others are anxious about their first word. Most are excited about their first steps. But me? I've been busy counting down the minutes for the perfect time to get pregnant, have a baby, buy a Bumbo chair, and put said baby in said Bumbo chair.


Don't worry. I'm not going to make a post about every new item Sydney is playing with or using, but I have to about the Bumbo because I'm obsessed with them. Ever since I first saw them years ago, I've always thought they were the cutest things ever and couldn't wait to put my future baby in one (yes, seriously). Maybe it's because they're like a gumball and so perfectly round and squat in stature (which is why I love smart cars), or maybe it's because the little leg holes are so funny, or maybe it's because of the way most babies look while sitting in them. Regardless of the reason, the Bumbo chair was literally the first thing on our baby registry. A stroller? No. A car seat? Not yet. Just a little round chair.

I thought I was maybe a little premature when I decided to put Sydney in there (I was not), but it was a risk I was willing to take for the greater good of the millions of adorable baby pictures I inevitably would take of Sydney. But she was ready!

Clearly, this was the most important development of my child's life thus far, and I needed to document every. single. second of it.

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