Monday, June 30, 2014

Daycare Update

I was originally holding off on posting a daycare update because I wanted to give it a fair shot. I clearly had my (strong) opinions about daycare for the first week, maybe even two weeks, and I knew I was judging unfairly because I was still getting over that "no one takes care of my baby as best as I do" complex.

Well, I'm over it.

Welllll, kind of. Sydney has now been in daycare for eight weeks now, and she--and I--love it. Love it! Sydney is constantly doing activities (tummy time, music with shakers, hand puppets, story time with Og and friends [I have yet to find out who Og is], dance parties, Splash Days [the cutest thing in the world], etc. etc.) and learning new things, and she seems to be adjusting well to the teachers, a new schedule and her new life in school. She is still not napping as much as she needs to be, but I guess it's okay because she sleeps so soundly at night and catches up with her naps on the weekend. Can't complain about that, right?? :-)

A lot of people have asked what Sydney's daycare schedule is like now that I'm consulting and working from home at least three days a week - well, she's still in daycare full-time because I'm still working full-time. It's nice because on the days I finish work early, I can pick her up early, and on the days I know are going to be long, I can swing in and say hi. Except that doesn't work too well because most of the time I end up just taking her with me. How do you leave that face?

On my first day going back to work/Sydney's first day of daycare, a girlfriend of mine sent me a little note with the best piece of information I could have ever received: in short, she said that everyone saying, "It gets easier," is kind of bullshit and that it doesn't get easier - but it becomes your norm and you become more efficient in your new norm. That is EXACTLY true (at least for us) because it really hasn't gotten any easier. On the days Jordan is out of town or has to leave for work early and I have to drop her off, my heart still breaks and I have fight like hell to not tear up (it's actually so embarrassing now). It's especially hard because she smiles and reaches for me when I hand her over, and there's a good five seconds where I contemplate taking her back and taking her home, but then I see how much the teachers love her and my heart melts.

So, there's still a part of me that misses hanging out with her all day and second guesses my decision to go back to work, especially when I see other moms posting pics of them and their babies at the pool or something, but for now I do think I made the right decision - for us. I'm really loving what I'm doing now work-wise and feel blessed I have the opportunity to work and the opportunity to choose to work. I'm thankful I have a supportive husband who encouraged me to do whatever I felt was right for myself and for our family, and I'm REALLY thankful we have a daycare who doesn't mind sending us 1-2 pics of our little peanut every day. Yes, every day. I can't help it! I just miss my little bug so much, so I'm taking full advantage of the picture service they offer. The little updates we receive help me to get through my day and make me happy to see how much fun she's having. Here are a few of my favorites (sorry for the low quality of the pics; they're sent to us in an embedded format)...

Played so hard she lost a boot!

Her little gal pal rocking her

Syd's first Splash Day!

Snuggling with her favorite teacher

Funny story about daycare - there is this sweet little girl who is about five months older than Syd named Jordan, and we recently found out her last name is Anderson. And Jordan (Baby Jordan) LOVES Sydney! So cute.

Happy Monday, everyone. Trying to get all caught up before we leave for Montana tomorrow!! :-/ EEK.

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