Friday, June 27, 2014

First Flight!

I swore I would have this blog all caught up before Sydney turned five months, which happens tomorrow...nothing like finishing at the last second! 

Our friends were getting married at the end of May up in northern MN, so we decided to fly (because driving is brutal), which meant Sydney's first plane ride!

I had heard all the usual advice--bring toys, feed her as you're ascending and descending, check the stroller at the gate, etc. etc.--and everyone assured me Sydney would be fine, especially since Sydney is usually so chill. But I was so nervous -- knowing my luck, once we were seated in the plane that would be the ultimate moment when Sydney decided to come unglued and freak the #*@! out. So I made these little treat bags to at least acknowledge that we knew a crying baby on a plane can be the most annoying thing unfortunate.

Cute, right? My plan worked. Once we were seated and I passed these puppies out, I had passengers across the aisle saying, "Aw, I would've sat next to you had I known we were getting candy!"

Turns out I really didn't need the bags because Sydney was practically comatose for the entire duration of the whole flight - she was awake for maybe five minutes when we first arrived at the airport and then she was out like a light until we got home to my parents' house and I finally had to wake her up.

Awake when we first arrived at DIA

Sleeping through security

Sleeping on the plane

Landed in MN - still sleeping

We were lucky the plane wasn't full and were able to bring Sydney's car seat on the plane. It helped redeem Southwest in my book because they sure as hell lost a lot of points when we checked in.
Rude Lady at Southwest's Ticketing: "Mrs. Anderson, do you have your daughter's birth certificate with you?" 
Me: " - do I need it?" 
Rude Lady: "Tsk!" [Ignores question.] "Do you have her immunization records?" 
Me [thoroughly confused]: "Um, no - we're just going to Minnesota. Why - do I need those?" 
Rude Lady: "Tsk!" in an even louder voice. Ignores question again while shaking her head like, "You're a terrible mom," and then asks, "Do you have a passport for her?" 
At this point, as you can imagine I'm very confused with all the questioning and a little put off with this lady's rudeness.
Me: "No...Minnesota is in the US. Why do I need a passport for her?" 
Rude Lady: "Well, you need to have some proof of her being under two in order to not charge you for another seat." 
Ohh - couldn't she have explained that right away? Instead of asking if I brought immunization records or a passport for my four-month-old when taking an hour and a half flight to Minnesota?? 
Me [pointing to my child who can barely lift her head]: "Well...wait, isn't...isn't she proof enough?" 
Rude Lady: "Well, we have to have actual proof." 
Me [in my head]: "More proof than a real, live, breathing baby?!?" 
Me [to her]: "Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't know I needed any documentation. I'll make note for the flight back and future flights." 
Rude Lady [heavily sighs and types a million clicks on the keyboard and then heavily sighs again]: "Well, I mean, I can't let you..." 
Me [interrupting her because I sure as heck wasn't going to miss our flight over this]: "Look, I'm really sorry, but unfortunately I don't have any documentation. Like I said, I didn't realize I needed to bring her birth certificate or immunization records or a passport for this flight, but in the future I will definitely make sure to bring proof of age. But for now, again, I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do other than you to trust your instinct that she's not over two." 
Rude Lady [heavily sighs again and showboats her 100+ WPM typing skills for another 30 seconds]: "Well, I just put down extensive notes in your passenger file so that you can fly with her today. But IN THE FUTURE, you NEED to have SOME FORM OF PROOF that she is UNDER TWO YEARS OF AGE otherwise SHE CANNOT FLY. OR we will have to charge you for ANOTHER SEAT. I also put that down in your passenger file. You're lucky I'm letting you slide this one time." 
What the f is a passenger file??

Then some other Southwest worker walked up behind the rude lady and asked what was going on. The lady explained in detail, all the while giving me the evil eye like I was trying to smuggle a bomb on the plane, and he just looked at Sydney and goes, "Oh, that baby is for sure under two years - she's fine."

Mwuahahaha!! Suck it, lady.

Anyway, finally all checked in, we breezed through the airport and arrived at security, which I had the most anxiety about. But it was amazing! We got to go through the TSA pre-screen line, and we didn't have to take any liquids out or take off our shoes or anything. Plus, I feel TSA sticks the old, gentle, nice people to monitor that line (because everyone is already pre-screened), so we got the feel-good, sweet grandma treatment.
Sweet TSA Grandma: "Oh, you can leave everything in your bags, honey. No need to take liquids out; you've got your hands full enough." 
Me [in total shock and awe]: "Even her bottles? They're breastmilk and barely over 3.5 oz, but there are two of them." 
Sweet TSA Grandma: "No, that's okay, dear, you can go ahead and leave them be. What a beautiful sweet little baby you have there."
Nice TSA agents, a short security line, AND you don't have to take anything out of your bags/take off your shoes? I'm never flying without Sydney again.

We arrived in MN safe and sound and drove up to Brainerd early the next morning. The wedding weekend was a total blast, and it was wonderful to see everyone and celebrate our friends. Huge thanks to my parents--who were also invited to the wedding--for taking such good care of Sydney Friday and Saturday night. She sure is a lucky little lady!

We met Jordan's entire family that Sunday for brunch, and it was so much fun to see our niece Kennedy and how much she has changed. It's fun the girls are only six months apart because we get a glimpse of what Syd will be doing in the near future. The flight back to CO was a little more eventful, as Sydney didn't really sleep much. Nearby passengers again loved their little treat bags, and Sydney was a doll and charmed everyone around her. I'm so happy her first flights went so well because we just booked two more flights for her! Eek.

Babies Gone Wild, napping edition

A little karaoke before the wheels fell off

Rolling over with mama

The best-looking groomsman and bridesmaid

My little date before Jordan joined us

And lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to our wonderful friends. You guys make a beautiful couple, both inside and out, and we couldn't be happier and more honored to have celebrated your special day with you. We love you guys! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness and laughter. xoxo

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