Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daycare Update: Part II

As you can imagine, mornings have drastically changed for me and Jordan. Long gone are the mornings of snuggling just the two of us and sleeping in and waking up lazily to peaceful bliss Jordan's annoying phone alarm. Instead I now wake up to these quiet, happy baby coos, which means every morning I now wake up with a huge smile. I know - SO cheesy. But I can't help it! It's the cutest thing. I love waking up to her voice and checking the monitor to see her happily waving her arms.

Our morning routine goes a little something like this...
5:45-5:50ish // Little peanut quietly wakes up without making a peep. Lets me sleep in for another 10-15 minutes. I know she wakes up this early because a couple of times I've woken up and checked the monitor and notice she's awake but just hanging out in her crib.
6:00 // Starts waving around her arms like she's back at that U2 concert. Starts quietly chatting to herself with a lot of "oohs," "ahhs," and "ohhs" and happy sighs. 
6:05 // Nurse Sydney and get my morning hugs and kisses in. Jordan takes the dogs out and feeds them.
6:20 // Bring Sydney into our bathroom and plop her in her bouncer to hang out until Jordan finishes getting ready. 
6:30 // Jordan takes Sydney and gets her ready for her day. 
6:50 // Jordan brings Sydney downstairs to play for a little bit while we get ready to head out the door.
For the longest time I couldn't figure out what the heck Jordan was doing for 20, nearly 25, minutes every morning with Sydney. I mean, all he had to do was change her diaper and put her in the clothes that were usually already laid out AND in order of how you put them much easier could it get?

Then I started to get some pictures from Jordan throughout my first days back at work. He'd text me a picture of her sitting in her rocker from that morning with a cute caption like, "Hi Mommy! I miss you," or something equally sweet that would make me tear up. So one day I jokingly asked him, "Do you take pictures of Sydney every morning before school?" And he goes, "Yeah," and then proceeded to show me his camera roll on his phone. I gasped - Jordan has hundreds of pictures from the mornings before daycare of Sydney. Every morning after he gets her dressed and ready to go, he sits her in the rocker and makes her laugh and smile and takes pictures of her for me. Is that not the sweetest thing in the world?!?! I melted.

So on the mornings Jordan is out of town or has to leave early and can't get her ready, I do the same for him - take pictures of her in her rocker, happily posing and smiling for us. Here are some of my favorites of our pics... Enjoy!

P.S. It's really funny to see how Jordan dresses her sometimes. You'll be able to tell what days Jordan dresses her vs. what days I dress her. :-) He still hasn't quite gotten the hang of how to position headbands, and sometimes I'll see socks pulled up over her leggings, haha.

Her facial expression...I die.

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