Tuesday, August 5, 2014

6 months!

Six months. Really?? Half of me is so excited because watching Sydney grow, learn and develop every day is so rewarding, and as cliche and corny as it sounds, it really is fun to view the world through her eyes. And the other half of me is so sad because omg, where did my tiny baby go??

Actually, our tiny baby is still right here. Syd had her six month checkup last Thursday, and she's a PEANUT. Her measurements are:
  • Height: 22.25" (height percentile: 22%)
  • Weight: 15 lbs, 0.08 oz (weight percentile: 28%)
  • Head circumference: 41.4 cm (head percentile: 25%)

Our pediatrician said she's perfectly healthy, though, and she may just be a smaller baby. While that's all fine and dandy, Sydney's feet have barely grown since she was born - c'mon, kid! You have a closet full of shoes just waiting to be worn! ;-)

Sydney received four more shots of vaccinations, and she took them like a champ. She didn't cry until the last shot, and she only cried for a few minutes. Proud mama? You bet your ass I am.

At six months, Sydney...
  • Still eats 5-6 times per day (bottles or breastfed), but is now getting solids twice a day as well
  • Prefers to hold her own bottle (also prefers to hold her own spoon, but that ain't happening anytime soon)
  • Loves sitting in front of the mirror
  • Is starting to wave a little more and even 'high five' at times
  • Says "mama" and is actually starting to know what it means(!!!! heart. explosion.)
  • Has gotten two teeth! Her bottom two teeth have cut through, and--knock on wood--her teething wasn't bad at all.
  • Is desperately trying to army crawl...except that her arms can't really lift her belly quite yet
  • Finally wears size 2 diapers like a big girl
  • Still wears some 3 month clothes, but for the most part is in 3-6 and 6 month now
  • Is still bald but has amazing lashes
  • Receives about one million kisses each day from mommy and daddy
  • Currently has pink eye (PERFECT)
My sweet baby, I cannot believe you've already been here for half a year. You and your father are the absolute loves of my life, and every single day I fall more in love with you, your little sounds, your giggles and even your shrieks (your dirty diapers I could do without). You are already so smart, and I can't wait to see what you get into next (like the box of Kleenex I see you've started manhandling). I love you so much, little girl!! Happy half-birthday, Sydney!


  1. This child could not be any cuter!!! I die every time I see a picture of her... so sweet

    1. Thanks, Brit! The dynasty has begun...


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