Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kennedy's First Birthday

Our sweet adorable niece Kennedy turned one on July 26th, so we made the trek back to Minnesota to help celebrate. Sydney once again did awesome on the plane, which means a) those treat bags are now a waste of money; and b) we've got a little traveler on our hands. :-)

Going back to MN is always a whirlwind, to say the least. We actually get back fairly often, but it's tough because we try and see all our family and all our friends every visit - which clearly does not work out too well. We usually end up exhausted or sick (or both) by the time we're on our way home, so after this last visit which resulted in both Sydney and me sleep-deprived and sick,  we decided we need to re-evaluate our trips back to MN and learn to accept we can't make everyone happy. Eek.

Nevertheless, the trip was a blast, and it was so wonderful to see everyone again. Kennedy's birthday party was darling, and it was so much fun to see how much she's grown and changed. She's the absolute sweetest baby (except when she's bonking her cousin's little head, lol), and we love her so much! Happy, happy first birthday, sweet girl...your Uncle Jordan and I hope you had the best day! We love you!!!

Already doing the 'girl pose' (leaning back, hand on hip). Jordan, we may be in trouble...

Giggles with Grandma Judy

Took a trip to the MN Zoo and watched a tiger shit in a pond

Our little chicken

Dad and Sydney monkeying around

Sydney meets Hudson!!

The absolute sweetest little (big) baby ever. Bones & Brit, he's PRECIOUS beyond words. #obsessed

Morning laughs with Grandpa Bill

Early bird dinner Date night with Anne & Nick

Having fun with Grandpa Greg

Hanging out with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Freiberg

The birthday girl!!

Kisses to my sweet Kennedy (love that serious face - cracks me up!!)

Hanging out with Uncle Kyle

Kennedy opening our presents

Happy birthday, little lady!!

Kennedy and her two cousins, Sydney & Evelyn


Caught this moment between Syd and her Uncle Mac...isn't it so sweet??

Brunching with Lindsey

Hanging out with Anne

Plane ride home...sweet baby girl

Finally home. Sydney's a little grumpy.

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