Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best Time of the Year

Who doesn't love fall? It's easily my favorite time of the year (typical girl comment). The leaves start to change, the weather starts to cool down, football is back on, and everyone seems to be in such festive moods -- not to mention, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in-between. This year will be especially special for us, as we get to enjoy the season and holidays with a little peanut (read: lots of cliché but obligatory photo opportunities).

Photo op number one was from last weekend when we went with a group of about 4-5 other families we met through Sydney's old daycare to a local family farm called Miller Farms for their Fall Harvest Festival. It was adorable! We experienced their "Be a Farmer for a Day," where you're allowed to pick up to five bags per person of produce of your choice. And it was awesome. Because we had such a large group, we were able to get our own tractor, which was nice because there were five billion kids running around, and we could spend as much time on each harvest (probably definitely not using the right term here) as we wanted.

The sky was overcast and the weather was cool (and the rain came down on the tail-end of our farming experience), but it was nice to do something different (i.e., not travel) and it was fun to meet new people. Sydney did really great even though she couldn't really participate; she just stayed snuggled in her baby carrier and babbled/giggled/sighed all day. (She nailed it with her fall apparel, though, yes?)

Caught this sweet daddy-daughter moment when Jordan wasn't looking

I'm pretty sure I could've made it as a farmer because I was in it to win it. I was totally in my element digging up produce and finding the best onion/potato/carrot. I tried convincing Jordan maybe we should sell our house and become farmers, but he wasn't having it. He said I would probably die.

Please excuse my '90s prom updo.

He's probably right.

Between Jordan and I, and no thanks to Sydney who freeloaded the entire day, we managed to gather eight huge bags of produce: sweet onions, red onions, peppers and chiles, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins. We're currently trying to cut everything up and properly freeze them, but it's taking quite a while...perhaps we gather less produce next year because our house REEKS of onion. (Anyone want to come visit?)

It was such a fun way to celebrate fall, and of course we have many more fall activities planned, including pumpkin patches (yes, plural -- sorry, Jordan), Halloween parade at Sydney's old daycare, Halloween, Thanksgiving, turning Sydney's nursery into a Christmas nursery and, of course, decorating our house!

Oh, and for anyone who says Sydney doesn't look like Jordan (which is no one)...

And one more because my husband is such a babe...

Happy fall from our family to yours!!


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