Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Travels, Part I: Minnesota

Two weekends ago we went back to Minnesota for a quick visit (yes, again...) to get professional family photos done by our wedding photographers, Paper Antler, who were in town. Side note/quick PSA: Paper Antler is AMAZING. They're a husband and wife duo based out of Madison, WI, and their photos are ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous. Seriously, go check out their website...and if you're engaged and in need of wedding photographers, do yourself a favor and book them now! They're so creative and talented (not to mention totally awesome as people), and they can make anyone and anything look stunning. (Case in point: our wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty and looks so perfect -- but in reality it was more of a gongshow.)

Sydney and I flew into MN a day earlier than Jordan, and I was initially a little nervous to fly alone with a very curious and mobile 8-month-old. Thankfully, she once again did so well on the flight, and in fact, after she woke up from her nap, she started hamming it up; every time another baby started screaming crying (which unfortunately was often), she would raise herself up and peek over the back of my seat and smile charmingly to all the other passengers as if to say, "Look how good I am!" Ohh, little peanut. One day you'll come unglued on a flight and those smug little smiles will be long gone (and your mama will want to die).

Hi, world.

Our trip was very short but sweet. We got to spend a lot of time with both our families, especially our niece, which was so nice since the trip prior was barely spent with either side. We love visiting MN and seeing everyone, but it's getting increasingly more tricky to spend 'quality' time with anyone, especially now with a little one who needs her naps and somewhat of a routine. Plus, I've learned the hard way what a jam-packed schedule will do to a baby (and to me), so I've started to be a little more protective of our time. For friends and family in MN that are reading this -- we're so sorry if we don't get a chance to see you!

Snuggles with Grandpa Anderson

Playing with Miss Kennedy Kaye

Grandma Anderson with her two granddaughters

Family pictures went fairly well. The day was beautiful, so I'm hoping Paper Antler was able to capture some great shots of our family; Jordan and I are both terribly un-photogenic, so they had their work cut out for them, ha! I had been carefully 'curating' the perfect outfits for the entire family, and I was so pleased with how all the colors and patterns came together -- I can't wait to get the pictures back! Jonny + Michelle, thank you SO MUCH for shooting our family. You guys are seriously the best, both professionally and personally, and I'm so glad we were able to meet up!

Behind-the-scenes with Grandpa + Grandma Kraft

Early birthday celebration for Jordan -- happy birthday, sweetheart!

The flight home to CO was--thankfully--very uneventful, as Sydney slept the entire flight. We arrived home, unpacked and did laundry, and 96 hours later we were on the road again! Stay tuned...

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