Friday, October 10, 2014

Travels, Part II: Aspen

If you've never visited Colorado in the fall, I highly recommend it -- specifically, the mountains; more specifically, Aspen. Besides breathtaking views of mountains dusted with early winter snow, the tree colors are incredibly vibrant and colorful, which make for some pretty awesome pictures. 

Jordan had an old man hockey tournament last weekend in Aspen, and while I didn't love the idea of being on-the-go for the 6th weekend in a row, I had never been there before and I knew how beautiful the mountains were this time of the year. Plus, Sydney loves watching hockey, so away we went. The four-hour drive was absolutely gorgeous until we drove through Independence Pass, which was like being on the worst roller coaster but with the best views. Hashtag so carsick, hashtag beautiful.

One lane road winding around a mountain...little dicey.

Last weekend was sunny with bluebird skies, crisp air and fall 50-degree-ish temperatures -- aka perfection. Also perfection? Aspen. Aspen is pretty much my heaven on earth, and by heaven on earth I mean a mountain town full of boots, leather pants, black clothes, fur, good food and great shopping. Plenty of local restaurants to choose from, dive bars, boutique hotels, beautiful homes, cobblestone streets, scenic views... It's like God took all my favorite things and made a town. I'm in love, and it was such a fun weekend getaway.

It was fun watching Jordan play, but to be honest it was even more fun watching Sydney watch him play -- she was fascinated and just sat quietly in my lap taking it all in. This is such a fun age (they all are, though, huh?); Sydney's all over the place, and she's learning so much every day. She still isn't really crawling, not for lack of ability, as she crawls when she wants to, but because she'd rather stand or 'walk' holding someone's hands. She loves waving hi and bye and seems to understand the concept of doing so, and she claps whenever anyone says "YAYYY!" or shows excitement for her. It's all so cute, and our little peanut is growing up before our eyes. Anyway, the boys made it all the way to the "championship game" (I can't take old man hockey seriously enough to write that without quotation marks), but thankfully their games were spaced out enough for us to enjoy the town. 

Talon and Sydney watching their dads

The drive back on Sunday was absolutely BRUTAL. Independence Pass, while still beautiful, seemed to have gotten 10x more curvy over the weekend, and both Sydney and I were stuck on a boat that would not stop swaying. I hung my head out the window, Sydney cried for nearly an hour and a half, and poor Jordan drove quietly wishing he were dead time would speed up. We finally made it home, exhausted but alive, with plans to relax and do nothing. I put Sydney down for bed, or rather I thought I put Sydney down because when I turned on the monitor, I saw a little bug trying to escape.

We had to lower the crib, and then of course Sydney decided it would be the most perfect time to shit so then we had to change her, and then from all the activity, Sydney decided it was party time.

Exhausted. But how can you be mad at a face like that?


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