Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Weekend

Happy spring! The weather in Colorado seems to have finally taken a permanent turn (fingers crossed) into warmer temps and sunny days, and I couldn't be happier about it. Bright colors, popsicles, the pool, being outside, NOT being sick...all good stuff.

Friday night we had some friends and their two boys over for dinner, and Sydney got a belated birthday gift that she's become obsessed with. She also became reacquainted and obsessed with her Bumbo chair; we brought it out for our friends' 3.5-month-old, and Sydney spent more time sitting in the chair over the weekend than she ever has before, ha! She loves climbing in and out of it, so we haven't put it away yet (because we obviously need more toys to clutter our house with).

We spent the rest of our weekend outside and getting things done around the house, as I mentioned before it's our last totally free weekend until mid-June. Saturday we ran some errands and of course watched the Badgers secure their spot in the Final Four (WOO!), and Sunday was spent outside swinging, eating apples, going to the dog park and watching Dad work.


Our dogs, Max and Mya, have always been so good with Sydney ever since we brought her home, but they always kind of kept their distance; I think they were trying to figure out exactly what she was, haha. Since becoming a little older and more mobile, she's become increasingly more interested in them and vice-versa, and now it's full-blown love affair. Sydney L O V E S dogs. Loves them! I swear the first thing she does when she's in a new environment is scan the room for a dog -- and she will find one. She's like a wizard at Where's Waldo? if Waldo was any and every dog. Whether it's a real one or a picture of one dressed up as a leprechaun on a sign at the post office, you bet your ass she will find a dog and point, screaming, "DOG!!!" So as you can imagine, the dog park is one of her favorite places ever.

Sydney's 100 lb bodyguard

It's so sweet watching her form relationships with both our pups. Max and Mya have polar opposite personalities; Max is a pure-bred german shepherd that comes from an impressive line of working and police dogs, so he's very protective, especially of me and Sydney, and he's always aware of his surroundings. He's also extremely playful and sweet and one of the friendliest dogs I've met, which is ironic because you would think Mya, being a lab-retriever, would be the same but she's not. She's very quiet and has such a docile demeanor; she prefers humans over other dogs and just wants to sit and be pet all day. We thought Mya would ignore Sydney, but she actually is the first one to go to her when she cries and is the first one to greet her when she comes in the door. It's so sweet! Max, on the other hand, was more distant with Sydney -- until recently, and now it's like they're best pals (it could very well be the food Sydney drops on the floor for him). He'll sit next to her while she's on the floor and let her play with her toys on his back, or he'll sit and let her pet his paws or grab his ears; it's the cutest thing and melts my heart. The other day Max was chewing on a bone and Sydney walked up to him, reached in his mouth and grabbed his bone and walked away and gave it to Mya (poor Max, haha). Both Jordan and I (who were watching carefully) were both amazed; the love and patience these dogs have shown Syd is so adorable, and I can't wait to see watch their friendships grow. Max doesn't know it yet, but I signed him up as a prop for Sydney's upcoming Halloween costume.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We're gearing up for Easter around here and also starting to pack for our Mexican getaway in a couple of weeks, so it's busy busy around here!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Cute! I love seeing babies and doggies playing together. And hallelujah for warmer weather! I'm ready for all the winter colds to be gone.

  2. Aw your lab looks so much like mine! Very cute kid and doggy combo :)

  3. Omg... your little girls blue sneakers are killin' me, especially how cute she looks sitting in her bumbo chair! hahaha

    Love her 100lb body guard, he looks so gentle, I love it <3

  4. I love seeing babies with their doggie protectors:) SO cute!

  5. That last photo is so cute! We're in CO, too and have been loving the weather lately! We spent last week in Winter Park, and even there it was beautiful. :)

  6. Your sneakers = to die for. And Sydney's too! Heart eyes for days.

  7. Soooo cute. We also have a toddler and a very over protective GSD. I love seeing them together.


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