Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter!! I can't believe this was already Sydney's second Easter (and that she's already 14 months). Time is flying!

Easter is easily becoming one of my favorite holidays, and now that Syd is really getting the hang of walking and becoming more independent and more curious, it's so fun to see her enjoy new things -- like eating snacks out of plastic eggs. Blew. Her. Mind.

She now wants to eat every meal like this, ha!

We went to church bright and early Sunday morning at evidently one of the only Catholic churches in all of Colorado because it was such a zoo. Thankfully, they were more prepared for the volume than last year, though, and we got seats (although I totally brought my flip-flops again just in case we had to stand). Sydney did so well during the service and was happy sitting quietly sat in our laps . . . until she saw a baby's dog stuffed animal and started screamed, "DOG!!" It was so sudden and startled me (and everyone around us) so much she almost fell off my lap. Offf course. Leave it to Sydney to spot a tiny dog dangling from a baby's car seat three rows away and on the opposite side.

We went to brunch afterwards, and Sydney had her first sip of hot chocolate and first taste of salmon -- she loved both! Looks like I'm the cheese that stands alone in this seafood-loving family. :-/ After brunch we came home and gave Sydney her Easter basket, and she absolutely FREAKED out over it. She loved pulling everything out and taking a look at all the goodies and of course opening some plastic eggs to find new treasures. It was really cute how much she enjoyed looking through her basket, and I already can't wait to do an egg hunt next year.

 Our little explorer

Twinning in style with my little

And speaking of shoes . . . congratulations to Katie Kinslow for winning the Freshly Picked giveaway!! Please DM me via Instagram so I can get a pair of moccasins of your choice to you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Sydney sure did. :-)


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