Tuesday, May 12, 2015

60 Second Catch-Up

Hi everyone! I know I've been slacking off on blog posts a bit lately, but I've got some exciting things happening on the side, which I'll let you all know of soon...but until then, here's a 60-second (give or take some) catch-up on our life lately:

Hosted bachelorette party in downtown Denver the weekend after returning from Cabo. Not ideal timing (especially when Sydney got sick AGAIN) but it was for one of my best friends, and we had so. much. fun. Rockies game, bars, 'disco brunch' (using that term r e a l l y loosely here), tap house, shoulder game, blowdry bar, glam hair, champagne, lingerie, amazing dinner, dance club, Calvin Harris wannabe, bottle service, dying from exhausting because I'm no longer 24. Such a fun weekend. Happy bachelorette, my beautiful friend!

Baptized - fiiiiiiinally. Getting Syd baptized in the Catholic church and obtaining a library card in Minnesota are probably the two most difficult processes I hope to ever go through. Both equally painful and so complicated. But anyway, so blessed -- all grandparents were in attendance, and Jordan and I are very appreciative and grateful for having such involved parents that are so eager to be a part of Sydney's life. Ceremony went great, but Sydney wanted to swim in baptismal fountain and was not happy she couldn't. May have to install a pool. Had delicious brunch afterwards, and Syd ate pancakes. Happy baptism, my sweet girl!

Sydney had her 15-month-checkup last week: 30" tall (height percentile - 27%), 21 lbs (weight percentile - 49%, which is the highest she's ever been!!) and head circumference is 45.1 cm (33rd percentile). Wasn't a fan of the shots but handled them fairly well considering it was almost lunchtime (don't mess with her meal schedule, people). At 15 months:

  • Walking and running everywhere.
  • "Dad" is favorite word. (Carried you for 9 months, but whatever.)
  • Avocados, cheese, bananas and pancakes are favorite foods. Gotten a few licks of ice cream and popsicles, though, and I'm pretty sure they'll surpass all the other foods in a heartbeat (duh).
  • L O V E S accessories, especially bracelets and sunglasses. Girlfriend really can't get enough of her sunnies and will dig through my diaper bag specifically to find and put them on.
  • Starting to have a strong opinion about her clothes, and so far her fashion sense is pretty on point. I've heard some hilarious stories from mamas with older girls, so if wanting to wear her rain boots 24/7 is as bad as it gets, I'll take it. ;-)
  • Favorite songs are "Jack and Diane" and the alphabet song. Not kidding. We may or may not listen to "Jack and Diane" on repeat in the car when we're nearing nap time or lunch. :-/
  • Just recently became obsessed with Frozen. Welcome to 2013, Sydney. Wants to be watching Frozen all the time whenever she's not outside, and I'm fairly certain I can recite the whole movie now.
  • Hair is dark blonde/very light brown and eyes are green/light brown. Evidently I was just a surrogate.
  • Starting to really become obsessed with her daddy, and if she's up before Jordan leaves for work, she BAWLS and cries out for dad the rest of the day.
  • Loves, loves, loves books, stuffed animals, and coloring, and I love, love, love that about her.
  • Still obsessed with dogs. Now obsessed with feeding dogs as well, which makes the usual one minute task no shorter than 10 minutes now.
  • Such a sweet girl. Loves to cuddle and snuggle up to her mama, especially when she wakes up in the morning and from naps.
Just Vogue-ing it at the pediatrician's office

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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