Friday, September 25, 2015

Hello, Fall!

Wednesday was evidently the first day of fall (I wouldn't know as Denver has been a balmy 85-degrees and sunny), and although it makes me the most basic girl ever -- I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR. (And I know; I'm over 30. Time to start calling myself a woman. I don't even get carded anymore, but that's a whole other topic...)

The weather, the clothes, the activities, the football, the holidays, the pumpkin spice everything -- it's all so good. Not to mention people's moods; is it just me or does fall kind of re-energize everyone and put them in a happier mood? Anyway, even though my house is barely decorated yet (I do have a marble pumpkin sitting on our coffee table, so I've got that going for me), I thought I would share a few of my fall 2015 know, because I'm such a trendsetter with my every day running pants and Fitbit.

1. Essie Frock 'N Roll Nail Polish - THE most amazing gunmetal/purple/brown color ever. It's got just enough shimmer and sparkle to look edgy, not gaudy, and it's the most perfect shade for fall. Ob-sessed. On my nails now.

2. Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle - I fell in love with Nest candles a while ago (they're so fragrant without being too overpowering, the aromas fill the entire house, and they last a long time---need I say more?), so I was so excited to see they have a pumpkin candle. I was a little hesitant to order because my husband kind of (really) hates the smell of sweet fragrances (pumpkin, vanilla, cupcake-ish smells -- who is he??), but I'm glad I did. The pumpkin chai smells wonderfully of fall: sweet, spicy, clean, fresh, warm. Just go get it, it'll change your life.

3. GapKids Black Cat Dress - How cute is this dress?? It has a furry silhouette of a black cat's face on the front and the tail on the back. It's so adorable and even cuter on, and it reminds me of Gap's infamous 'Boo' dress (which we may or may not have as well). It's on sale right now, too!

4. Target Plaid Scarf - If you've watched TV or flipped through a magazine lately, I'm sure you've noticed Target's huge plaid campaign. (Or maybe it's just me because I have so many friends that work for Target HQ and Target's media agency. Always looking out for you girls, ha!) But they have so much cute stuff! Along with every other basic chick, I've been loving plaid and buffalo check this fall, and I've been on the hunt for a good neutral plaid scarf. At this price it's hard to pass up, and c''s Target.

5. Anthropologie Latte Bowls - I love these bowls. Dang it, Anthropologie! You're like the expensive older sister of Target. They're so simple, but they're so cute -- and actually really useful. The size is perfect for cooking and baking prep, and they're such fun colors that you can leave them out for display as well.

6. GapKids Dancing Cat Pajamas - If you follow me on Instagram (@sa_anderson), you've seen Sydney's collection of pjs, including her multiple pairs of cat pjs. Ironically, Jordan and I strongly dislike cats, but Sydney LOVES them. We were visiting friends this summer, and Sydney got a chance to see a cat in real life, and she was instantly o b s e s s e d. Cat pjs are the next best thing to a real cat, right? #momoftheyear

7. BlankNYC Leather Jacket - It's no secret I have a love affair with [faux] leather pants and jackets. Ever since I lost my most beloved leather jacket a few years ago (aka stolen from me by some wretched human being with excellent taste), I've been on the hunt for the perfect replacement and was thrilled to find this gem. It fits so well and is flattering and adorable, and the best part is it's under $100!

8. Baileys Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer - Because you can't buy Starbucks every day.

9. Old Navy Critter Shoes - These shoes are the absolute cutest. Old Navy came out with them last year in both foxes and cats, and they were huge hits. Of course always being late to the party, I was scrambling last year trying to collect various sizes in both kinds for Sydney to wear this year, so I am so excited to see they made their return. And they're on sale right now!

10. Rifle Paper Co 2016 Planner - As much as I hate to admit it, I'm slowly but surely turning into a Type A Mom just like my mom (oh, help us all). I've always loved planners and pretty notebooks and have always been a huge fan of Rifle Paper Co, so of course I have this planner (and maybe one more). It's got awesome monthly pages to glance at and weekly pages for more details. And of course it's adorable.

Happy Fall to you and yours! Are there any amazing fall items you've found?? Please share!


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