Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Honest Co

Truth #1: Jordan and I have never really cared about organic food, natural products or chemical-free cleaners. For those of you who know us, you're probably cracking up right now, and for those of you who don't, you're probably gasping in horror. ;-) Well, it's true. My husband is a machine; before dating him I legitimately kind of thought he was a robot (and still kind of do). He never gets hungover (ever. yes, seriously.), he never gets sick (and if he does, it's for a few hours at most), I've seen him blow his nose maybe five times in our life together ( . . . meanwhile I plow through a box of Kleenex every few days), and he ran his first marathon in under four hours w i t h o u t  t r a i n i n g. No wonder he's never cared about organic or natural products; he's never needed to! But for me it was flat-out not caring slash staying blissfully ignorant to harmful chemicals.

Until we had Sydney. Sweet, baby, precious Sydney in all her wholesome clean goodness. I couldn't bear to put anything but organic this in her mouth and all-natural that on her body for the longest time (and even now I'll obviously still choose to give her the better, more health-conscious option) -- which is weird because I clearly have no problem eating a McDonald's hashbrown or Burger King Whopper. But once Sydney came, we just naturally started giving her organic and all-natural foods and products, and we slowly started adjusting our life as well. Enter The Honest Co.

Truth #2: I had always been curious about The Honest Co because a) Jessica Alba and b) cute diaper prints, but I could never pull the trigger because they were more expensive than our Huggies, and did Sydney really need cute diaper prints? But after hearing about how not only were they cute but moreover "soooo amazing," I signed up for the free trial of diapers, which included seven diapers and 10 wipes. The package arrived quickly, and I was SO impressed. The quality of the diapers didn't even come close to that of Huggies -- or Pampers. The absorbency and the material were incomparable, and I was immediately hooked and also couldn't believe how big of a difference they had between their more popular, less expensive competitors. Even still, for those of you who know my husband you know he's about as frugal as they come, so I knew he would never go for these diapers. I had all the intentions in the world to cancel my account before the first bundle was sent--truly, I did!--but I totally forgot and that first bundle is sent quick. I received a shipping confirmation in my email and kind of made the "oh shit :-/" face and hoped for the best. And by best, I mean zero reaction from Jordan. And you know what? There actually was ZERO reaction from him. Months went by and still -- nothing. I finally asked him why he never said anything about the Honest subscription, and he said verbatim, "Well, the diapers are way more absorbent than the other ones so she stays more dry, and we're not changing her as much so it evens out financially. Plus I figured these were probably better for her, right?" My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe Jordan was hooked as well! Even now as I'm typing this, I kind of still can't believe he's so on board just because he's always trying to talk me into the less expensive option of, oh, everything. That's when I knew The Honest Co actually did have exponentially better diapers and I wasn't just making it up to justify the cute prints. ;-)

Order your free trial from The Honest Company today!

From there, our love for The Honest Co continued to grow...and grow...and grow.  We were continuously surprised by the quality and results of their other products. The multi-surface cleaner? Incredible. And safe! With Sydney constantly putting her crackers down on the counter and then picking them up to eat again, I will never go back to Mrs. Meyers surface cleaner. The diaper rash cream? Started seeing immediate results on poor Syd's horrible diaper rash she had when she first started drinking whole milk, and it was completely cleared in less than two days. What started first with diapers has become a full-blown relationship, and in addition to the aforementioned items and wipes we now use their soothing bottom wash (TOTAL game-changer), baby powder, healing balm, shampoo + body wash, lotion, sunscreen, bug spray, breath easy rub, dish soap and more.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this company and its products. I encourage you all to at least check them out and order your free trial because it's definitely worth signing up for! And free product -- who doesn't love that? Click here to save up to 35% on the Honest diapers & wipes bundle!

The Honest Company - Safe, Stylish, Convenient

Colorado Baby Anderson is a brand ambassador for The Honest Co. While all thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% my own, this post contains affiliated links which I will be compensated accordingly if any purchases are made.


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