Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful few days, enjoying the sunshine and time off with your loved ones. We got back into town Wednesday and were happy to stick around Denver for the weekend, and it was a great unofficial kick-off to summer.

Sydney has been begging to go swimming practically every day since we got back from Arizona, so I took her to the pool on Friday---and our little mermaid was so happy. I keep joking to Jordan we may need to build a pool in our backyard, but seriously -- we might! Saturday we spent the day in downtown Denver for their Day of Rock concert, which Sydney LOVED. It was a little loud, so we were thankful we brought her little earmuffs (from Baby Banz -- these things are amazing), but she had so much fun bopping and dancing to the live music.

We went for our first hike of the summer on Sunday, and it was pretty fun. My husband, Mr. Mountain Man, allegedly has all these camping trips and hikes scheduled for the summer, so I know he was eager to get the first one on the books. We brought the dogs, which is always a guaranteed shitshow, but this was pretty seamless except for a minor issue with Max. During our hike, we had to cross this river--and I use the word 'river' lightly, as it was more like a big crick--and the plan was for me to cross first, then both dogs swim across to me, and then Jordan and Syd. I hopped across the rocks, Mya happily jumped in and waded across, and then Max's turn was up. This dog, an 120-pound, allegedly a badass by breed, german shepherd who actually loves to swim, jumps in---and fails. Miserably. He went on the wrong side of the rocks and couldn't catch himself and got caught in the 'rapids' (again, using the word 'rapids' lightly as it was more like a push of water), and suddenly he's floating down the river. I looked over at Jordan to see what he was going to do, and Sydney's pointing and asking, "Where's Max going, Daddy?" There were now about 20 people behind Jordan and Sydney all witnessing and laughing. After Max stopped 'floating' a few feet past, he sprinted back to Jordan and tried and failed again. Poor Max looked like he had never seen water, let alone swam in it countless times. I finally was able to grab his collar and pull him up on a rock with me, and Mya just stared at him like, "Whoa, buddy." Disclaimer: We love our pups. I promise this was not a scary situation--for either us or the dogs--at all. I'm telling you this 'river' was more like a stream to wade across, but evidently got the better of Max while Mya didn't even get her back wet.

Best part of the hike: the beers after.

Monday we went to the gym and then to our friends' house for a BBQ, but we stopped at this beautiful mural painted near our house to reflect on what Memorial Day truly means. One of my best friends, my old neighbor who I've known since I was two years old, is in the military, and unlike Max, he's an actual badass. He flies helicopters in the Marines and is currently on his fourth deployment, and I thank God for him and his fellow Marines and all the rest of the military every day for their sacrifices.

Land of the free . . . because of the brave. Thank you to all who have served and all who continue to serve so that we can be free. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends with your loved ones. xo

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