Tuesday, December 20, 2016

{12 Days of Giveaways} Day 10 : Project Wildflower

This February will mark our fourth year in our house, and I feel like we just moved in. Not because time flies so quickly (even though it does), but because I feel a bit unsettled in our home. Don't get me wrong; we have a beautiful home, and it's perfectly lovely. I love our open-concept floor plan and the house has everything on our bucket list---but aesthetically it's 100% not my style. 😬 For some reason Colorado has a deep-rooted love for brown wood, and even $3 million homes are mirrored to be 'rustic mountain homes' with brown wood everywhere. I get it, I do---but I like things to be a little more light and bright in my home. 😉

Hello. I love you, white kitchen.

When we originally moved in we didn't know how long we would be staying, so I couldn't justify the costs of aesthetically renovating; I knew we wouldn't see the return of investment. But after discussing our options, including moving, building and even custom-building, we've decided to stay put in our current home and--now knowing we're staying here for the long haul--renovate and redecorate to better fit our style---and also finish our basement! I'm pretty excited, and I've actually been on Pinterest more than once a month, so we're on the move. 💃

One of the pieces I knew I for sure wanted when redecorating was a weaving. These modern boho works of wall art are gorgeous and amazing, and I love the way they uniquely fill a space. I came across Project Wildflower a while back and immediately loved everything Kelsey, the owner, created. Her weavings, fringes and wall pockets are incredible! Everything down to the last detail--the color of thread on the smallest part to the different yarns she chooses--is impeccable and comes together beautifully.

Kelsey created a custom weaving for me, and when we were chatting she mentioned she already had started it. I wondered for a brief moment if I should mention what colors I prefer or what style I like best, but then I realized I loved everything she created so I should just trust her. She sent me a pic of it almost finished, and my face was completely this: 😱😱😱😍😍😍. She totally nailed it! She said she looked at my Instagram to peep some of my home pics, which was genius, but everything was beyond amazing. I received my weaving a few days later, and I realized immediately pictures did not do it justice. Her quality and attention to detail is so off-the-charts, and I couldn't be happier with such a gorgeous piece to add to my home. Thank you SO MUCH, Kelsey!!!!

Project Wildflower also has created some fun mudcloth ornaments, mudcloth pillow covers and more, and I HIGHLY recommend you checking her out. We've partnered together for a pretty sweet giveaway: one free custom small weaving! Hop over to my Instagram to check it out, but for a major BONUS---comment below with what your home decor style is and your favorite home decoration of the moment. Be sure to leave your Instagram handle, so I know you entered twice!

Have a great night, everyone. 😊



  1. My home decor is bohemian chic! @angmoretti_xo

  2. A little rustic industrial! @gabrielleworden

  3. my home is a fun mix of urban and vintage style and currently I'm loving hand lettered chalkboards around the house! @jblittle5

  4. I don't have my own home to decorate just yet but I love a room with a crisp, clean feel! I feel like that allows attention to be drawn to beautiful decorations and wall pieces, like this one ;D

    IG: @ferrrnanda

  5. My home style is boho-farmhouse and my favorite decor at the moment is my macrame plant hanger! @juliemwest

  6. Already entered on Instagram, and may be too late to enter here but thought I would try anyways :)

    my home decor is bohemian / vintage. my favorite decor piece is a scientific drawing of a frog that my boyfriend drew me (it's cuter than it sounds, I promise ;))



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