Wednesday, December 7, 2016

{12 Days of Giveaways} Day 4 : Free Babes Handmade

Happy Wednesday!

I can't believe the week is already half over---pretty sure I'm going to blink and it's going to be spring with how fast time is passing these days. Sydney is getting more and more mature, and the things she says and comes up with constantly blows our minds. The other day she was playing on my phone as I was getting ready, and I suddenly heard her mutter, "1 - 9 - 1 - 8," which is the last four digits of my phone number. 😳 Uh, what? I've never taught her my number. I looked up and asked her what she said and to repeat herself, and she very confidently repeated my entire phone number, area code included. My eyes nearly fell out of my head, and I asked her if she knew what that number was---she said, "Yeah, it's my phone number for my phone," as she held up my cell. I told her that it was actually Mommy's phone number and asked her where she learned that. "From you,  when you told the guy in the car." I couldn't figure out what she was talking about, and then I realized I had been recently on my phone in the car fairly often with the guys from the dealership and had been having to repeat my phone number every time. Unreal, right? The things kids pick up...

Anyway, speaking of picking things up, if you've followed me for a while you know Sydney has picked up a love for accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, hats, sunglasses, purses, rings, bows---she wants it all, and usually at the same time. (Funny story: one day as she was loading herself up with every accessory known to woman, I tried telling her less is more. The other day as I was putting on my stacking bracelets, Sydney looked at me and goes, "Remember: less is more, Mommy." 😂) One accessory Sydney will always usually have, though, is a bow. She loves bows and if you try and leave her bedroom after you've helped her get dress without putting on a bow, she is not a happy camper.

I can't remember when or even how I discovered Free Babes Handmade---but it was definitely the first bow shop I fell in love with and bought from. Soon after my first purchase, I found out Hillary, the owner, was based in Denver and we met up for coffee with our kiddos, and the rest is history. I've been an avid and loyal supporter of the brand (maybe too avid 😂🙈), and Sydney's been in a couple of Free Babes' photo shoots. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Hillary, her team and, of course, the bows. The bows are darling; the pattern and color choices she makes are adorable, stylish and versatile, and Hillary is constantly collaborating with popular, well-known bloggers and other stylish kids clothing shops to keep her brand relevant and fresh. With two adorable daughters and one darling son of her own, Hillary is passionate about raising confident, adventurous and and independent kids, and her line reflects her wanderlust soul is perfectly.

Hillary is one of the sweetest shop owners I've had the pleasure of meeting, and her kindness, generosity and entrepreneurial and free spirit are what drives her business and makes it successful. She guarantees her bows for life, and her customer service is beyond amazing. Her product line includes bows for older girls/girls with more hair and headband bows, smaller versions on a soft nylon headband for babies and girls with less hair, and she even comes out with matching bowties for little guys during the holidays! I'm obsessed with them all.

Free Babes has its own Facebook group to buy, sell and trade gently used and new bows, and Hillary actively participates in posts, answers questions and occasionally gives the group extra discounts or special previews. Be sure to follow them on Instagram as well to stay up-to-date on product launches, sales and other cute pics (you may see a certain little Sydney girl occasionally 😉). Annnnd for a chance to win $50 shop credit, head over to my page and check it out. For an extra bonus entry, please comment below with your favorite color/print and your favorite adventure you've been on with your kiddo(s)! Be sure to leave your Instagram handle as well, so I know you've entered twice. :-)

Hope you're all enjoying your week and finding a time to relax and reflect this holiday season.



  1. I'm in love with the school girl bows/Blaine/pigtail set . They would look adorable on my daughter. Anytime I'm outside with my kiddos exploring is an adventure, especially when there is no agenda or time schedule.

  2. I am obsessed with the velvet bows! Especially Nordic. Even though my baby has 0 hair I may or may not have bought an oversized schoolgirl to put in her in like, 8 years ha ha. And since my baby is still so young, my favorite adventure we'be been on was a trip to Target ha ha. Complete with a successful feeding and diaper change in the dressing room! (First time mom over here ha ha). Instagram = @emileebench (private account. Hopefully that doesn't spoil my chances!) xo

    1. I like so many but my favorite is a basic ivory headband for my 8 month old daughter. We put in on for trips to the west coast chilly beach or over her hat in the snow. @hbangeli

  3. my little free babe always grabs a liberty of London print bow in the morning. Even if it's just a quick trip to the grocery store (which with 4 kids under 6 CAN be an adventure!) @lcbeirne

  4. My 3 year old son likes to pick out his baby sister's bow in the morning. He always picks the merry red on or the Prue regardless of what she is wearing because red and orange are his favorite color. This week has been an adventure. Potty training a toddler and entertaining a teething 6 month old. Yikes @azsherman

  5. I love the velvet bow in berry! (Really, I love them all!) My two girls and I love any adventure outside especially hiking or just exploring in nature.

  6. Im in love with all Free Babes bows! Especially love my girls' Edna bow. That vintage look is so cute! Every day is an adventure with my 2 toddlers! @raizbe

  7. School girl eggplant! So versatile and matches everything in ever season! So hard to choose just one and already started my collection for baby girl due in January! @princessconsuelabananahammock7

  8. We LOVE free babes too!! These pictures are all so sweet!! Right now I am loving the velvet and also the mini buffalo plaid!! I have two daughters and a baby boy that I can not wait to put in the new bow ties!!!

  9. Her are Freebabes obsessed! The velvet are amazing and we've missed them every time! The cinnamon may be my new favorite!! ❤️❤️ My favorite adventure with my kiddos has been our drive out to our local tulip farm where we picnicked and took photos���� my IG handle is stephemcdonald:) great giveaway!


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