Friday, December 30, 2016


Ahhh . . . another year almost to a close, and it's so bittersweet for us. This year was undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled, challenging, rewarding, difficult and wonderful year so far. We traveled quite a bit, celebrated big, adventured far and learned A LOT. It was such an exciting year as we settled into our role as a family of three, but I kind of think 2017 might be even better. 😉

I've never been one to really make nor keep New Year's resolutions; I've never taken them very seriously. I've always been the kind of person that thinks you can start change at any time and don't need a special day to dictate that change (I still think this!); however, this year I've learned so much and want to apply that to the future to be--as cliché as this sounds--the best version of myself I can for my husband, my daughter, my family and friends. Here are five resolutions I've made for myself for 2017:

1. Travel and adventure more. As mentioned above, we traveled and adventured a good amount in 2016. We went to both Disney World and Disneyland, Steamboat, Arizona, West Virginia and Minnesota. We went glamping in Vail and camping in the mountains, we hiked, we skied/snowboarded, and we went to countless festivals and fairs. Jordan and I are definitely 'do-ers,' meaning we like to get out and do stuff, but I think we were much more homebodies this year than we've ever been. For 2017 I'm making a conscious effort to make sure we travel and/or go on an adventure at least once every month. I want Sydney's childhood to be filled with places she's been and not things she had (and lost---I'm looking at you, Trolls accessories 😂). Furthermore, one of the reasons Jordan and I fell in love is because we both had such a strong passion for adventuring and exploring. Whether that be hiking a 14er or deciding on a whim to run a marathon, we love getting out and about. I want Sydney to see the beauty in that and also I want to make sure Jordan knows he's always my priority as well.

2. Protect my heart more and let shit go. Admittedly and regretfully, I'm pretty sensitive and I feel a little too easily, and my heart was hurt way too many times in 2016 than a 30-something year old should. I become easily and heavily invested in situations, and it's difficult for me to know when or how to care less and let go, if that makes any sense. It's all too confusing, exhausting and silly to deal with at this age, especially when there are so many more things I should be spending my time and energy focusing on. Furthermore, when I get wrapped up in situations, I have a tendency to inadvertently take my hurt and sadness out on my husband or have my patience tested more easily with Sydney, and that simply isn't fair to them. I need to learn how to let more things go and let things take their natural course whatever that may be---and I need to accept it. I also need to accept what I can control and even more learn to accept what I can't. I have to remember God has a plan for me and for my family, and I need to trust Him completely.

3. Be healthier. I don't think I've worked out as much or as consistently as I did in 2016, but shit is just not the same, lol. Getting older has been a real [bleeeep], and I hate that my metabolism has slowed down so much I'm not even sure if it exists anymore, but what I most want for 2017 is to treat my body better. I think I've mentioned this before, but I hate sleep. HATE it. I would rather be doing almost anything more than sleeping, and I hate everything to do with sleep: I hate getting ready for bed, I hate getting into bed, I hate waking up, I hate feeling groggy, I hate taking naps, I hate it all, lol. As a result I stay up late (sometimes insanely late) and wake up early (sometimes insanely early). It's always been fine for me and I've always been this way, but now that I'm almost 80 years old, I've slowly come to realize my body needs more sleep and rest than I'm giving it. So, if you need me, I'll be eating the early bird special with all my peeps and heading to bed at 8 PM.

4. Compare myself less. Generally speaking, I'm a pretty happy person and don't usually let things on social media affect me. I know whatever picture I post, there's always going to be someone with an even more beautiful/cuter picture posted, and I'm totally okay with that. I try to look at Instagram as more of a place to find and be inspired rather than a long scroll of who has the best life, but if I'm being honest with myself, I still find myself at times getting sucked into 'that' game and wishing for this or wanting that. Sometimes it's a material item, sometimes it's a perfect body, sometimes it's even just seeing people who live close to their parents and extended family. I suddenly feel ashamed when I remember how truly blessed and fortunate I am to have the life I have, and I feel even more ashamed because I never want my husband to feel taken for granted and/or to think what he's giving to us isn't good enough. It's more than enough and I'm so grateful for him and his love. And as for the perfect body? Who am I kidding---I'm eating a cookie as I type this. There's no one to blame but myself. 😂

5. Become and stay more organized. Oh man. I think I say this every year, but I just saw a meme saying something funny and then, "THIS IS THE YEAR." This is totally my year, you guys, and I'm heading into 2017 feeling like Mary Anne from The Babysitters Club. Instead of my usual 2-3 planners, I only have one, and I didn't buy a calendar (my poor Stendig stayed at January well into fall). My hope is that reducing the amount of organizational 'tools' I used to always have, it will be easier to maintain one. One planner that I may or may not know where it is right now, but I still have another day and a half to find it and nail Operation Organization 2017.

It's hard to believe 2016 passed so quickly, but when I take a look at the pictures we've taken in the last year I can't believe how much we've done, accomplished, learned and grown. I'm so thankful to my friends and family, my husband and baby girl (who's not really a baby anymore 😭), and I'm very excited to see what 2017 has in store for all. Thank you all for following along and supporting me and my little family. I appreciate all the comments, likes, advice and encouragement I've received, and it's been so wonderful and exciting meeting new friends and seeing new faces. Hope everyone has the most safe and wonderful New Year's weekend---see you all in 2017!


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