Friday, December 2, 2016

Bedtime Shenanigans

The last couple of nights Sydney slept in one of our guest bedrooms because I took on the huge task of taking all the baby items out of her room (I guess she's not going to be swaddled anymore). So the other night after we put Sydney to bed, Jordan went into the office to do some work and I was writing in our living room with the TV quietly on in the background. I suddenly heard a noise, like a TV turning on, and I just assumed Jordan had turned the one on in the office. Hours passed and suddenly I saw Jordan at the top of the stairs listening outside of the room Sydney was allegedly sleeping in---and suddenly he opened the door and I heard him say loudly, "Sydney Belle Anderson, what are you doing?" I heard no response. "SYDNEY. Daddy's talking to you. Why are you watching TV??"

There's a TV in the guest room Sydney slept in, and I didn't think anything of it because she's honestly never even paid attention to it, much less asked to watch it, so I started cracking up. A few minutes later Jordan came downstairs and told me not only did he catch Sydney watching TV but also that she couldn't have cared less she was busted. I asked him what cartoon she was watching, and he said, "No cartoons. Some show like Alaskan Bush People." Hahaha--what? I don't even know where she found the remote, let alone how she knew how to turn on the TV. What's funnier is I swear the last channel on was Disney Junior, so it's like she changed the channel intentionally and settled in for some late night Gold Rush.

So, that was Wednesday. Last night I was in our bathroom getting ready for bed, and Sydney came toddling in looking suspiciously awake. "Mommy, I have to go potty, and I can't reach the toilet." (She dragged her stool into our bathroom the other night to evidently apply lipgloss, and we hadn't brought it back yet.) I took her to go potty and asked her if she'd been sleeping. "Yes. Peppa Pig was on, though."

Wait, what?

I asked her if she had been watching YouTube Kids (we use the White Noise app on Jordan's old iPhone as her sound machine at night---and it also has a bunch of toddler apps now), and she hung her head and sadly said, "Yes. Are you mad at me, Mommy?" I told her while I was proud of her for telling me the truth and for asking for help to use the potty (see previous post), I was also very disappointed and upset that she wasn't sleeping when she knew better. Jordan then came into the room, and what ensued after was by far my weakest moment of parenting.

Jordan: "Sydney, what did I say after we tucked you into bed tonight?"

Sydney, sadly, head still hung: "To go to bed."

Jordan: "So why were you watching YouTube Kids?"

Sydney, a little less sad: "Because the TV wasn't working."

Me, with a laugh escaping/getting caught in my words: "Sydney..." Another choked back laugh escaped before I could continue.

Jordan, giving me a look and interrupting me: "You know why the TV wasn't working, Sydney?"

Sydney, not sad at all/very matter-of-factly: "Oh, because I couldn't find the remote. I looked for it everywhere, but I think it's lost."

Me, giggling, trying to hold back laughter: "You lost the remote?"

Jordan: "No, it's not lost. I took it out of the room so that you wouldn't watch TV."

Sydney: "Oh. Well, can I have it back, please?"


Jordan: exasperated. Me: full-blown laughing. Sydney: innocently and politely looking at Jordan expectantly for the remote with one little arm extended towards him.

Jordan, frustrated with his girls now: "Ok, I'm going to bed. You two figure it out."

Me, still laughing: "Sorry, honey."

Sydney, now totally distracted away from the situation: "Mommy, you want to snuggle with me?"

Um, yes. Yes, I do, Sydney. Because you just handled yourself like a boss. Of course I soon collected myself and disciplined Sydney with a stern talking to and took away all technology privileges for the next day or two---and then promptly ordered a real sound machine off Amazon. I snuggled my baby for a few minutes until she dozed off to sleep, and then I went off to find my husband to apologize for being weak.

Kids are the best and the worst, right? I'm usually SO good at holding in laughter when she's in trouble and says or does something funny, but that was so hilarious to me. Her sweet little face with her round little cheeks and her big tired eyes, asking questions so innocently and schooling us so matter-of-factly, leaving Dad speechless and Mom in absolute hysterics--and getting out of what should have been a rough chat. Sydney Belle, my tiny little sour patch kid, I love you so much it hurts. You're the best, sweetheart. But go the f to sleep.

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