Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back to Reality

Sooo, remember how I posted on Instagram yesterday that I had been looking forward to get back to our normal routine? Yeah . . . about that.

We actually had an awesome day and fell back into 'the norm' pretty seamlessly---and I was feeling a little smug because my husband said it'd probably be rough, so I was all like 💃💃💃. And then twilight hour approached, and here's how the rest of the day went:

I was folding Sydney's laundry and watching a documentary on the development of children (just kidding, it was Vanderpump Rules) when Sydney woke up from her nap super fussy/whiny/cranky---you know the bit. Yayyy. I made her a snack and continued folding laundry until she started fussing again because she couldn't find one of Ariel's shoes. I abandoned my task, unsuccessfully attempted to find said tiny doll shoe, watched her come unglued, calmed her down, and returned to laundry. I was soon interrupted again because now Sydney was whining about WHO KNOWS WHAT, so I distracted her with whimsical promises that paper and crayons would make everything better. With Syd coloring, back to laund--nope. Jordan arrived home from work...sick. Jordan is n e v e r sick (he's like a robot), so when I saw him sounding and looking like crap, I immediately sent him to the couch to rest.

Left laundry, which now Syd had taken an 'interest' of and wanted to 'help,' and started to make dinner. Soon after was interrupted with another mysterious delivery from, making that the fifth package to arrive from them in three days. Made dinner, ate dinner, sent Jordan back to the couch, and started to clean up the kitchen. Immediately had to leave the kitchen because evidently Jordan felt good enough to hook some random antennae up to our TV and needed my help. (Jordan is currently on some crusade to get rid of cable. Buy all the antennae and Mac Minis you want, babe; it ain't happening. 😉) So I was in the middle of lifting our TV off the wall when Sydney toddled downstairs and asked me to take a clip out of one of her tiny Troll figurines's hair---like I had a third hand miraculously available. I was a voice of empowerment and told her to do it herself, and she whined it was too hard (yah, ok, but somehow you can pry open the 'fridge door?). I decided this wasn't a battle I wanted to pick with her, so I lifted my leg to hold the TV up and free a hand, and I un-accessorized Smidge and Sydney went back to playing. Maybe 2-5 minutes later she came back downstairs and told me it was too quiet upstairs, so I abandoned Jordan and his antennae adveture to go put the Trolls soundtrack on in her room. Coming back downstairs, I had every intention to finish cleaning the kitchen but remembered the mysterious fifth box I received earlier and had to know what the heck was going on (spoiler alert: I still don't know). I opened all the packages to find some very random pieces from Umbra (is this a random collab I don't know about? 😂) and was interrupted by Sydney who was now screaming, "I'M PARCHED, MOM!" I got her some water knowing I was going to regret it later when she'd surely be up at 2 AM needing to go potty, and then had to abandon her mid-demonstration of how to properly put her cup in the sink (chucking it like you're pitching for the majors is not correct) because Jordan needed me again and went back to lifting the TV.

This shit went on all night until I finally put Sydney down for bed, and by that time her room looked like Troll Village had exploded, the kitchen was still a mess, there was approximately 63 pairs of toddler underwear scattered around the living room (thanks for your "help," kiddo 😏), and there were two curtain rods, nine photo holders, one coat rack thing and a ginormous mirror littered in our entryway. I took a look around and said screw it, cozied up on the couch with my husband and half-watched whatever he was watching and half-zoned out, internally whining because I had wanted to get to bed early but knew I wouldn't be able to leave the house such a disaster. A while later Jordan went to bed, and I then folded clothes, cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up the rest of the house, wrote most of this post, and went to bed. No joke, mere seconds after I closed my eyes, I heard Sydney's door open and her pad into our room needing to go potty. 😑

Took her to the bathroom, put her back to bed, and by that time it was 1:15 AM, and suddenly I was exhausted but wide awake listening to my poor sick husband snoring. After a half-hour of tossing and turning, I went into one of our guest rooms, fell asleep for a few hours and was awoken to Sydney's door opening again---at 4:30 AM needing to go potty. Again. NO MORE WATER, EVER. FOR ANYONE. EVEN THE DOGS.

And this is what I was so looking forward to. 😂😴 By all means yesterday wasn't a bad day; it wasn't even a hectic or chaotic day, and actually I'd call it a great day. But as I sit here typing/falling asleep into my coffee at my laptop this morning, I can't help but laugh because last night/this [early] morning was such a humbling and funny anecdote of true #momlife, pulling you in a zillion directions and reminding you to stay on your toes.

And as I was just contemplating crawling back into bed, I hear the sweetest little voice from the top of the stairs, "Hi Mommy," and my heart swells.

Happy Wednesday, friends. 💞

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