Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lost My Name Books

As Sydney gets older, one of the most endearing traits about her is her love for books. She L O V E S them and would be content getting read books all day, which I happily oblige to majority of the time (and of course she tries to use this to her advantage at bedtime... 😆). Finding books that are educational, fun, colorful and have a good story can be tricky sometimes, but as soon as we were introduced to the Lost My Name book, we fell in love immediately.

With the most adorable and colorful illustrations, Lost My Name is a unique and totally personalized story tailored to your child's name. It is about a little girl or little boy who has lost their name and goes on an adventure meeting different animals who lend the main character letters to finally spell out their name at the end of the book. Simply put, it's darling. The story is enchanting and wonderfully written; it's definitely one of our favorites, and we've been reading it to her for nearly three years now.

Because we loved Lost My Name so much, when their second book The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home became available, we jumped at the chance to purchase it as well. This story is also personalized and is about a little girl who doesn't want to go to bed (hmm...sounds familiar 😉) and instead wants to explore space. While in space, she and her robot friend Hubble see her name written in stars and then try and head home---but get lost and meet a series of characters along their journey back home.

The book uses real, actual satellite images of your child's home, including actual images of the biggest city its closest to, which was so cool to see Sydney react to seeing our actual home in a book.

These books are easily some of our favorites not only because the storylines are fun and exciting, but moreover because they're personalized to Sydney and make her feel so special and loved. These books are $29.99 with free shipping and make the perfect gift for your child---or someone else's!

Meet Sarah Anderson is a partner with Lost My Name books, and while we received items and compensation to sample and review, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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